Parking lot crack sealing is one of the best ways to ensure a long life for your asphalt. There are many ways a crack can form in an asphalt surface, and one of the main reasons is moisture. As the seasons change, water that may have entered the asphalt will undergo expansion during freezing, then melting, and evaporation. These state changes in the water also change the volume of the water. Because it is trapped inside the asphalt, the surface will crack to make room for the water. There are other ways for asphalt to crack. No matter that cause, we can provide the necessary repairs. When we do crack sealing, we always do our best to make sure the crack will not later worsen into a large and unsightly pothole. Crack sealing is a great way to maintain a healthy parking lot.

We are known to offer some of the best commercial asphalt repair services in the area. We have extensive experience in the industry, and always leave our customers satisfied. Our fully licensed and insured crews will make sure your parking lot repairs are done right. We offer our services to a variety of commercial clients and industrial properties.

HOA Paving

This is one of the key areas where asphalt contractors are needed for repairs. This is very important for the general safety of all the available units. In these instances, we repair damaged roadways, paved ways, potholes and cracks. When we repair asphalt here, the general strength of the area is improved to the original state and this prevents further damages. There are many cases where large potholes form because of a single crack. Therefore, such repairs are very important. Besides, you need some repairs when you want to sell your property as it adds value. 

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Parking Lot Repair

We also repair parking lots for public places and private businesses. There are some instances where the asphalt is damaged because of heavy traffic and typical wear-and-tear. Typically we encourage regular maintenance for parking lots. Of course, we’re always available to take care of all of the repair issues that might occur on a parking lot including potholes and cracks.

Corporate Campuses And Universities 

We also do major and minor repairs in corporate campuses and universities, especially in parking structures and roadways that might be critical to the function of the organization. We do a thorough check to ensure that all the portions of the asphalt are repaired and can sustain the daily traffic it undergoes.

Methods Used In Commercial Asphalt Repair 

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Crack sealing is where we apply a sealant to the existing cracks so as to avoid further propagation. We take time to identify all the places with cracks within the building or paved ways and seal them no matter how small they are! With pothole repair, we repair all the potholes that are on the surface of any concreted place. This usually involves cutting out a portion of the asphalt and pouring new asphalt to make it flush with the existing surface. We get rid of the old asphalt mixture, compact it properly before applying new asphalt. But before we do the repair, we establish the root cause of the damage and eliminate it so that further damages cannot occur. 

Asphalt patching is another similar repair where we patch all the parts that are weaker or has been damaged in one way or the other. Once we do the patching, the strength of the surface is enhanced and no further damages occur. Finally, we also provide sealcoating. This is where we apply sealant to a cracked or damaged surface. The major role of the sealant is to act as a barrier between the surface and the damaging agent. This means that the damaging agents such as storm water will not be in contact with the surface.