Aurora Asphalt Repair Work

Aurora Asphalt Repair Work

At Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating our team has 25 years experience performing asphalt paving in Aurora.  As one of Illinois’ top asphalt companies, we take pride in making customer service and hard work our top priorities. We understand every asphalt project is unique, and we are here to provide the best customer experience in the asphalt industry.

Our team recently received an online request for a quote from a local restaurant owner. He was looking for asphalt repair in Aurora. His restaurant parking lot had developed severe alligator cracking. The cracks were worsening and the owner wanted to address the problem quickly. If cracks continue to grow, they often can turn into larger cracks or potholes. The owner needed parking lot repairs to be done on a specific budget. We agreed to meet at the project site the following week in order to evaluate the severity of the cracks and determine the scope of the asphalt repair.

We met with the owner to examine the restaurant parking lot and determine what kind of asphalt repairs were necessary. It turned out the cracks were not as bad as originally thought. We would be able to perform some basic crack sealing on the parking lot. The owner was very happy to know that we could get the job done in a timely manner and under the budget that he had. Our team was able to complete the parking lot repairs just two weeks after the initial contact with the owner.

By the time our crew was done, the parking lot was crack free and looked great. The client was very pleased with our work and told us that he would definitely be contacting us for future parking lot maintenance and paving work. He thanked us for our time and our diligence on his parking lot, and our crew packed up and headed back to the shop.