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Naperville, Illinois

Naperville is a charming and thriving city in Illinois that has a population of 147,112. The city was ranked as “The Wealthiest in the Nation”. The city is the fifth largest city in the state of Illinois. The motto for the city is “Great Service – All the Time”. The city was previously called Naper’s Settlement as it was named after Joseph Naper who arrived in the area in 1831. The city’s name was changed to its current name in 1834. This city is an excellent place to live and explore.

We completed some asphalt paving in Naperville - Roy's Paving & Sealcoating Co.

A perfect way to get to know the history and heritage of the city is by going to the Naper Settlement. The Naper Settlement is an outdoor live history museum. The history museum takes visitors back in time to 1831. There are thirty historic buildings, costumed interpreters, and many activities for everyone in the family to enjoy. Over 150,000 visitors go to the Naper Settlement each year.

The Riverwalk is a beautiful place that visitors and resident enjoy. The Riverwalk is also known as the “Crown Jewel” and it has over 1.75 miles of paths made of bricks, fountains, artwork, and sculptures that can be viewed. Visitors will enjoy the peaceful and relaxing time at the Riverwalk.

The Millennium Carillon and Moser Tower are a must see when visitors come to the city. The Millennium Carillon has seventy-two bells and currently, it is one out of four worldwide. The Moser Tower allows visitors to go up and see the city and the land that surrounds it. Over 15,000 visitors come to the Millennium Carillon and Moser Tower each year.

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Learn About a Recent Naperville Paving Project!

Asphalt Repair for HOA in Naperville neighborhood

A housing association got in touch with our staff recently because they needed help with a parking lot repair in Naperville. One of their properties had suffered some severe driveway damage. The driveway, which is shared by four owners,  contains space for about 16 vehicles. There was a large pothole in the center of the driveway, which was affecting the commute and daily lives of the four condo owners. They had been searching for the right paving contractor for awhile, but received unsatisfactory results.

We went out to the property within a day of the call, and assessed the situation. The problem was immediately apparent, and quite severe. The pothole needed expert repair, and in a timely manner. The pothole had substantially worsened, as residents continued utilizing the driveway surrounding the pothole. We recommended an immediate repair of the pothole, as well as sealing a large crack, that seemed to be the primary cause of the pothole. We also recommended a final layer of sealcoat to prevent future damage. The HOA realized that our expertise, quality customer service, and fair rates matched their needs perfectly. We scheduled our crew according to the HOA’s needs, and a week later, we began work.

Parking Lot Patching Job Begins

Our crew went to work straight away. After a quick examination of the pothole, we knew a sawcut and replace job was necessary based on the size and severity. Our team cut the surrounding area near the pothole, down to the base layer. Next, we poured new asphalt, creating the necessary asphalt patch.  At the same time, we got to work sealing up the troublesome cracks that were present in the parking lot. After a full first day, we returned the following day to apply the sealcoating. Once that was complete, we left the area cordoned off, allowing the sealant time to dry and cure.  

We did this parking lot repair in naperville for some happy homeowners

As we began packing our supplies, one of the homeowners came out to speak with us. They were glad that the much needed parking lot repairs had been completed promptly, and professionally. They told us how much of a relief it was to finally have a safe, smooth, and good looking driveway. The customer’s satisfaction left our crew with a sense pride working as the top paving contractor in Naperville.