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A durable and reliable parking lot is a must for many businesses in our area, which is why many business owners in our community trust Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating with all of their parking lot paving needs in Orland Park. We have decades of experience that we tap into, in order to provide great service and an excellent finished product for an amazing price. Our neighbors are never disappointed with our superior asphalt paving work.

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Here are just a few of our popular services:
The following are just some of our popular services:

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We stand behind all of our work with our personal guarantee! We are the asphalt experts who are ready to solve your paving problems. If you are looking for paving services in the Orland Park area, be sure to give us a call.

Orland Park, Illinois

Orland Park is a charming village in Illinois that has a population of 56,767. The village is approximately twenty-five miles from Chicago and the motto for the village is “Where You Want to Be”. The village was incorporated in 1832 and it has a rich history.

A great shot of a completed orland park asphalt paving job

Orland Park History Museum is the place to go if you would like to learn about the history of this village. The Orland Park History Museum offers daily tours and there is no admission to visit the museum. Visitors can enjoy special exhibits, documents, and photos of the village that dates back to the mid 1800’s. This is an interesting place that the entire family will enjoy.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy going to the Orland Grassland. The Orland Grassland is over 950 acres and the main goal is to protect and support the native plants and wildlife that is in the area. Visitors can walk on the trails that are provided at the Grassland and enjoy all the beauty that is here. The Centennial Park Aquatic Center is another favorite place for residents and locals. The Centennial Park Aquatic Center is over 190 acres and it has six different types of water slides, two pools, and an area that is designed and designated for children.

If you are wanting to go shopping, then this village is the place for you. There are over eleven million square feet of boutiques and shops. The Orland Park Place, Orland Park Crossings, and the Orland Square Mall are just a few of the favorite shopping malls where visitors can purchase a unique gift or souvenir from the village. If you are wanting to purchase antiques, then the Old Orland Antiques shop has many antiques. The antique shop is located in the historic area downtown.

Contact Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating for all your asphalt repairs and maintenance. We will get your parking lot looking great along with adding life too!

Read About a Recent Orland Park Paving Job!

New Paved Portion is No Problem

Last season we got a call from a property owner looking to have some new parking lot paving in Orland Park. We let them know immediately that the area is one we proudly serve, and we’ve been operating in this community for decades. Happy to be speaking to an experienced professional, the property owner requested that we go visit their site to assess the scope of the project. We let him know that we would be happy to discuss the details of the lot and provide them with an appropriate estimate for the job.

We got out to the site, and it looked like the area had been previously graded, but was not exactly ready for new paving. Because this activity happened over a year ago, the ground level would have to be prepared again. It would be much easier than typical grading work, but we wanted to play it safe by including this work in the estimate. As it turns out, the property manager was completely understanding of this, as the previous site preparation had been mismanaged and was out of his hands. Apparently the only other contractor to offer a bid on the project left this out, which is why the manager did not select them for the project. 

The Asphalt Contractor Project Begins

Once we had the go-ahead to start working from the property manager, our crew was very busy with all of the tasks involved in laying down a new asphalt parking lot. First, we did indeed have to re-grade the property, making sure that there would be proper drainage of rainwater and moisture and getting rid of any random debris and other refuse that would interfere with laying the base layer. Once the site was fully prepared, our trucks were ready to come in with loads of asphalt. We laid down the base layer, and got into a great rhythm together. 

We did this parking lot paving in Orland Park - Roy's PAving & Sealcoating Co.

Sometimes asphalt paving can be a but complicated, especially in some cases of providing repairs. Usually, working on asphalt that we didn’t install can present some unusual challenges. However, this job was a very streamlined and straightforward process that was made even a bit easier by the previous grading. The fact that the space was rectangular and didn’t involve a lot of utility or infrastructural work also made it a less-than-complicated job. This helps our crew pay even closer attention to the details, but the finished product was the same high-quality and reliable asphalt surface that we always deliver.

Once we were finished painting the lot, we let the property group know that the project was complete. They were very pleased with our turnaround time and overall process, and said that we would be on their shortlist of contractors for the next project they have coming up. We thrive on strong relationships within our community, so we were thrilled to provide a job well done.