Commercial Maintenance in Under a Week

Commercial Maintenance in Under a Week

We recently got a call from a warehouse manager that needed some help with some routine parking lot maintenance in Romeoville. Their property needed some crack sealing and sealcoating, and they called us for more information. We went out to their site and checked out the property and asphalt paving, which was actually in pretty good shape. When we went out to the business we were prepared not only to discuss the details of the job, but also provide an estimate for the work that needed to be done. After measuring the space and fully examining the extent of the wear-and-tear damage of the paving, we gave them our estimate. They later told us that three other companies had bid on the project, but our process seemed to be the least complicated. We also gave the best price!

The Asphalt Maintenance Began

This jobs was a little bit more complex from the scheduling side, because most of the time during the workweek the lot was needed for the flow of traffic coming from and going to this warehouse. So, we had to start the job on a Friday afternoon. The warehouse manager made sure that the delivery and pickup schedule was cleared for that day and through the weekend. We definitely hoped to be done with all of the crack sealing by that day, and if that was possible we would be able to apply the sealcoat on Saturday. That means that we would also be able to restripe the pavement the following Monday afternoon. This would give the sealcoat time to dry and harden.  

Roy's Paving & Sealcoating Co. Did this asphalt maintenance in romeoville

Once we were able to determine the correct time to start our work, the project was pretty straightforward. Our crew came in on Friday and applied sealant to all the little cracks that we had found throughout the lot. Even though sealcoating is a great thing to do to protect your asphalt paving, the parking lot crack sealing we did was crucial to maintaining the longevity of the lot. We actually finished ahead of schedule on Friday, but there wasn’t enough time to start the next phase. 

So, our crew arrived as early as possible on Saturday morning to make sure there would be plenty of time to complete the job without interrupting the flow of their business too severely. Once we had everything finished up, we let the warehouse manager know that everything had gone according to plan. He was very pleased with our professionalism and the quality of our work. He let us know that he would be sure to give us a call the next time they needed some work done. We were very happy to have made him a satisfied customer, especially with the time constraints!