Installation Times

  • Q: When is the installation season?

    A: Our season generally runs from March/April, depending on when the ground is clear of snow and has thawed out, until around Thanksgiving. Most all asphalt plants close right before Thanksgiving. As long as the ground doesn’t experience a long term freeze, we will continue to install asphalt as long as the manufacturing plants are open.

  • Q: How long from the time I sign the contract until the project begins?

    A: How long from the time I sign the contract until the project begins?
    The answer to this question varies.

    • Permits: Some municipalities and county government agencies take longer than others to review and approve permits. After submitting documents for permit review, other documentation may be necessary before the review can begin. Our staff is trained in effective communication with these agencies and getting approved permits back as quickly as possible. It is critical that you and your Account Representative from Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating Co. understand who is responsible for permits. If you will be responsible for permits, then please let your Account Representative know at time of contract signing. Please let us know when an approved permit is expected. That will allow us to schedule your job accordingly without further delay.
    • Even with a scheduled start date in place, there may be delays. Weather can always affect the start of construction. If it rains or snows, the job will be delayed until further notice. We will communicate with you the next possible start date as soon as that is determined.
    • Construction is scheduled on a first come, first served basis. As soon as a contract is signed and permits are approved, the construction will be scheduled as soon as possible. Your Account Representative will inform you about the earliest date available.

Permits, Licensing and Insurance

  • Q: Permits?

    A: Permits for construction may be obtained by Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating Co on your behalf. Some municipalities and county government agencies vary on permit costs depending on the scope of work that is submitted. The proposal will indicate that the permit fees will be included on the final invoice. A copy of the paid receipt will be attached to your final invoice upon completion and inspection of the job.

  • Q: Business License?

    A: If you need a copy of our business license for any reason, please reach out directly to your Account Representative and that will be provided to you via email.

  • Q: Insurance?

    A: We carry a Certificate of Insurance (COI) which includes General Liability, Automobile Liability, Umbrella Liability, Workers Comp, and Inland Marine (Equipment Insurance). If you require “Additional Insured” please notify your Account Representative about who the “Insured” should be on the COI and any other specific language.

Installation Process and Procedure

  • Q: What can I expect as construction day approaches?
    • About one week prior to your scheduled date of construction, your Account Representative will reach out and let you know the day we are scheduled to arrive. That will also give you the amount of time you need to send out any notices to tenants, etc. prior to construction.
    • This is also the time that any approved permits should be in a window facing the property or within an office at the location of construction with easy access should the permit be needed for any reason.
    • If you applied for and received the approved permit, please send a copy in an email to your Account Representative to put in your file and have on the job site during construction.
  • Q: Where will your vehicles be parked?

    A: This all depends on the area of construction. Some vehicles and construction equipment will be parked directly on the site of construction and will be used as needed to perform the scope of work. Other vehicles and equipment may have to be parked on the street, if needed, until use is required for construction.

  • Q: Will there be a mess?

    A: In most cases, the biggest mess comes from dust by removing old pavement and when installing the sub- base if needed. We arrive at the job site with machine powered sweepers to clean up any dust and dirt that may be left after the job site is complete. We pride ourselves on cleaning up after every job is completed to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

  • Q: Where will the gravel for sub-base be delivered?

    A: If gravel is needed, it will be delivered directly onto the lot where it is needed. The gravel will then be moved around by our crew and compacted to ensure a smooth base layer and surface layer of asphalt.

  • Q: Can I make changes to my project after construction has begun?

    A: Generally, we cannot make changes after the construction has begun. It is important to speak with your Account Representative, in detail, about any concerns you have prior to signing the contract. At times, we may be able to make minor changes. Once construction has begun, we have already placed all orders of materials needed for the job site. If additional materials are needed for change orders, additional charges will be incurred and invoiced to you accordingly.

  • Q: How do I pay for the project?

    A: We generally send an invoice to you for all work within 1 week of completion. Please refer to your proposal for payment terms. Please reflect the invoice number on your form of payment. You can submit your payment via mail or wire transfer (ACH).

  • Q: Who should I give the check to?

    A: If you are prepared to pay with a check at the time of construction, you can either give the check to the Account Representative or the leader of the crew. Please make check payable to “Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating Co., 4240 W. 166 th St. Oak Forest, IL 60452”.


  • Q: Warranty Coverage?

    A: For one year after the considerable completion of the project, Roy’s Paving & Sealcoating Co. warranties the material and workmanship of said work subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.  Please note that this does not warranty any acts of nature, (cracks, breakage, settling, heaving or unraveling) underground wires, utilities, culverts, weeds, tree roots and inadequate sub-base installation, which was not installed by Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating Co.

    To minimize the occurrence of cracking, and to protect the surface from becoming dry and rough, it is strongly recommended that new asphalt be sealed within one year after installation and every two years thereafter. Cracks, even minimal, should always be filled before the winter season to avoid water and melting snow from getting beneath the surface and freezing.

  • Q: When should I service the surface of asphalt after installation?

    A: Previously mentioned in the above paragraph under “Warranty Coverage”, the asphalt surface must be seal coated one year after installation and every two years thereafter in order to properly maintain and protect the surface. If this regularly scheduled maintenance is not performed, the asphalt is subject to cracking, buckling and breakage sooner than if the maintenance schedule is followed. Seal coating and lot striping is not included in the price of the initial installation. However, we can provide a maintenance schedule for you with pricing included so you can better plan your budget for the following year.