Parking Lot Installation for New Business

Parking Lot Installation for New Business

Our team recently received an estimate request for a small parking lot installation in Downers Grove.  A new business was set to open up and was in the process of developing the land for the new location. While the parking lot was set to be relatively small, we were excited at the prospect of assisting a new business in opening up. After speaking with the developer and business owner, we scheduled a visit to the location to provide an estimate.

When our team arrived, we were happily greeted by the owner of the business. The size of the lot was smaller, but we knew that it was a project we could execute expertly. We developed a plan and schedule for the parking lot and sat down with the client. After a few alterations, we agreed to the project and were set to start within two days.

Due to the size of the project, we needed to grade the space first, in order to develop a solid foundation for the parking lot. We then set the subbase and topped it with hot mix asphalt. This built a strong parking lot that was also very aesthetic.  We then followed with a layer of sealant in order to keep out foreign materials, liquids, and chemicals. After the sealant had completely dried, we painted the parking lot for customer use.  By the end of the project, we had become close with the store owner and wished him luck on his newest business venture. After we were finished with everything, we ended the project with a handshake and headed back to the shop.

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