Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Maintenance

Asphalt maintenance is one of the most important practices that must be done to ensure that your paved parking lot can last for as long as possible. There is some damage that will happen no matter how you take care of the parking lot. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to plan a maintenance schedule to get rid of premature and possible damages. From our point of view, those parking lots that are maintained on a regular basis last for a longer period compared to those without any maintenance plan. Therefore, it is advisable to look for a reliable paving contractor to do planned maintenance on regular basis. This is not only good for the lifespan or the asphalt, but also ensures that no major repair cost is incurred prematurely.

Here are just a few of our parking lot maintenance methods. If you have something specific in mind for your parking lot or asphalt surface, be sure to let us know so that we can provide additional information.

Crack Sealing We did some parking lot maintenance in Orland Park

This is a common procedure we use on parking lots to maintain their strength and durability. There are sometimes places in the asphalt with cracks that can lead to further damage, especially when water seeps through the cracks to the foundation. We apply a sealant to the existing cracks so as to prevent water from penetrating to the foundation. If water is allowed to accumulate for some time, it can cause expansion and worsen the damage. Crack sealing stops the crack from worsening to a point where physical damage from traffic can deteriorate the asphalt further.


This is another important maintenance procedure that our technical team consider to be very important. This is where we apply a coating on the paved surface so as to act as a barrier between damaging materials and the paved surface. In other words, it does not water or chemicals to be in direct contact with the surface. We apply this material on those surfaces that are prone to damaging agents.

Importance of Proper Asphalt MaintenanceFinishing some commercial paving maintenance in Orland Park

It is very important to do a proper parking lot maintenance so as to enhance a reasonable longevity of the paved surface. Once a maintenance procedure has been completed, the asphalt can remain protected for years before needing a repeat servicing. Compared to other infrastructural features of most businesses, asphalt is fairly low-cost to maintain over its lifetime, which is just another reason that we highly encourage it..

Furthermore, it is a good practice for the sake of physical appearance and beauty of the paved surfaces. A properly maintained surface always look tidy, neat, and professional. This is unlike a broken surface which is unsightly and potentially hazardous to vehicles.

For great value and peace of mind, call us today to discuss the many options for asphalt maintenance that we have available. We are standing by to provide you with asphalt paving solutions that work on your schedule and with your budget.