Parking Lot Paving

Parking Lot Paving

We are among the leading paving contractors available in the area, and we are known to provide the best level of service to our customers. We are fully equipped, professional experts striving to provide an excellent paved service that is as reliable as it is attractive. Our crew members are experienced with nearly every type of paving job out there. With our services, be assured of getting the best. Here are some of our main tasks involved in installing a new asphalt surface.

Estimating the Parking Lot Paving We did this Orland Park paving contractor job we finished on time

This is the first thing we do before beginning the actual job. We have a technical team who knows cost estimation inside and out, and also are knowledgeable on the estimated time span it will take for the job to be completed when all materials are available on site. We aim for transparency and detail on our estimates as a top priority to make the start of the process as easy as possible for our clients. Depending on the nature of the contract, we’ll also give a timetable and any other necessaries that may come up with each particular job.

Site Preparation

This is the next phase of any new paving contractor project. This is where our experts tour the site to ensure that the leveling is done and all other foreign materials such as trees and rocks are eliminated. This is very important for the purpose of strength and proper drainage. We do the leveling based on the original gradient of the landscape! Once the required grade is achieved, the site is ready for the asphalt mixture.

Preparation And Pouring Of Asphalt Mixture

This is a very important and delicate phase of Parking Lot Paving. It is important because if not properly done, there will be premature damages and repairs. The first thing we do is to mix the base layer in the right proportions to ensure that they are able to sustain stresses that will be subjected to it. After mixing, we pour them to the site and compact them using vibrating machines to ensure that no air spaces and foreign materials are trapped within the asphalt mixture.

Leveling The Surface A shot of some finished parking lot paving in Oak Forest

After compacting all of the asphalt mixtures, the next phase is to level the entire space to avoid rugged surfaces. This can only be achieved if the leveling and compacting is done properly. Our team has all the skills and technical know how to ensure that a proper leveling is achieved and this will not affect the quality of the final surface.Finishing  Sealing and striping is the next task we do. This is the last step in parking lot paving. We seal, cure, and paint the asphalt according to the specifications of the project. Sealing will protect the asphalt from taking on unnecessary damage, and we highly recommend doing this to enhance the longevity and appearance of the asphalt.

We are passionate about providing quality asphalt services, and are happy to give additional information about any of the steps in this process. Call us today to discuss your project, or to schedule a consultation.