Schaumburg Striping Work

Schaumburg Striping Work

Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating is a top provider of asphalt services in Schaumburg, Illinois. We have nearly 25 years experience providing Illinois with premier asphalt paving. We have consistently made the customer our top priority. By focusing on our final product and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted paving contractor in Schaumburg.

We received a call recently from a previous client who we had worked with before. We had provided him with parking lot paving a few years ago. He was a property manager for a small 8 unit complex. Our asphalt paving project with him had been a quick job due to the size of the parking lot. After speaking with him, we were able to determine that he was in need of parking lot maintenance. The paint on his asphalt surface was beginning to fade, and he was looking to have his parking lot restriped. Our crew remembered the location and new that it would be another quick job.

Our team was able to meet him at the parking lot site late in the week in order to perform the restriping. We informed him that the paint would need at least a full day to dry. He had already told the current residents that they would need to park on the street. Our team was able to complete the job efficiently and effectively. When we had completed the job, we met with the property manager to remind him of some recommended asphalt maintenance techniques. These techniques would help extend the lifetime of his asphalt paving.

The property manager was very pleased with our work and thanked us for getting the job done so quickly. We told him we were happy to help, and to contact the top paving contractor in Schaumburg with any future asphalt paving needs.