Digout Patching in Willowbrook

Digout Patching in Willowbrook

Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating has remained a premier paving contractor in Willowbrook for 25 years. Through consistent customer satisfaction, hard work, and attention to detail, we have delivered the highest quality asphalt services to Willowbrook, Illinois and it’s residents. Whether you are interested in sealing your driveway or new parking lot installation, Roy’s Paving and Sealcoating is your reliable asphalt company.

Our team received an online quote request from a client looking for parking lot patching in Willowbrook. They explained that their parking lot had not had maintenance in many years. They continued to explain that there were a number of large cracks, and a specific area had developed numerous potholes.  The asphalt surface was beginning to deteriorate severely and needed immediate attention. The client was concerned with the safety of consumers using the asphalt parking lot. We scheduled to examine the parking lot the next day in order to provide an in-depth and accurate quote.

We arrived at the parking lot the following morning to inspect the parking lot status. Most of the parking lot was in decent condition. However, the problem area needed to be fixed. The client gave us his budget, and we assured him that we could patch the area quickly and effectively. We scheduled the parking lot repairs for later in the week, so as to avoid any further problems for the client.

Our crew began parking lot repair promptly that week. The potholes were deep enough that we would need to perform dig out patching. Also known as removal patching, this is necessary when the severely broken asphalt needs to be removed to the aggregate base layer and then replaced. This is one of the more intensive patching jobs and took a full day to complete. By the time we were finished, the parking lot had regained its functionality. The client was very pleased with our quick and effective work. He thanked us for our time and told us how happy he was to work with a top asphalt company in Illinois.